Notice: If you are offended by nude images of the human body or if you are under 18 years of age you may not wish to visit the figure drawing gallery on this website.

These images are simply presented here as a celebration of the human form as traditionally represented by artists throughout the centuries.
Brian Vines Fine Art & Otherwise


People are the most interesting subject matter for me. I love being able to capture a likeness in pastel, charcoal or pencil. 

It's exciting to portray the essence of someone. I've produced numerous portraits and people really seem to like them.  

I prefer to work from life but can also work from photos or a combination thereof.

Pricing depends on several factors including size, medium, and the number of subjects.

Just contact me if you have an interest and we can work out the details.



I have any number of original works of art at any given time which are mostly for sale and vary in price.

Like all artists I have inspirations and ideas that just need to be put down on paper.  I've posted some examples of what I have created on this website so take a look at what I have to offer.

I work with oil paints, pastels, charcoal and pencil. 

I value your feedback so drop me a line and let me know what you think of my work.



Figure Drawings

Ahhh, life/figure drawing. Probably one of my favorite things ever!

There are any numbers of great artists who can paint or draw circles around me. But every now and then I manage a good figure drawing and it reminds me why I stay at it.


Wouldn't you like to be the proud owner of a signed original work of art at a reasonable price?

I've posted many of my figure drawings on this website so check them out and let me know if anything piques your interest.


Illustrations &...

And now for the Otherwise.

I worked for many years as a Commercial Artist/Art Director. So I'm also able to channel my drawing abilities to more practical applications such as T-shirts, advertisements, spot drawings, posters, book illustrations, cartoons, cd covers, photo touch ups, etc., etc.

Funny, irreverent, goofy, whatever. I'm open to suggestion. These projects would need to be quoted on an individual basis. If you have a project you wish to discuss please keep me in mind.




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